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fun in the sun  
08:16pm 24/05/2010
well i'm about out of school wich means i'll get my debt paid off! to bad I work outside in the sun like that.

OOOOOOOOOOHHH I am finally hiting the big jump every lap now. Now i nead to hit it in a fursuit, that could go BAD! after that things get boring.

My stepdad keeps trying to make me race 4wheelers. He says there safer. When those things crash they will come back to rape you!
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i heard it was easy but wtf!  
02:23pm 22/05/2010
i have been wanting to back flip for ages but i watned a foampit to do it in. This guy (a racer by looking at the bike) does it on his first try!
mood: confusedconfused
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a new pet  
08:45pm 19/05/2010
oh wow. i randomly got a new pet as a present... A CHICKEN! So cute exept it's stinky. there was also a pet duck for my sister, thing is mean as hell.

Ah, the track finally has a smooth run up to the big jump it's going to make it smooth. everyone says it needs to be bigger now.

oh, a video of the local track. NOT my video do not favorite or comment if youre youtube is furry related. im not ready to give it out. that is my number but not me or my bike
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car repairs  
08:10pm 17/05/2010
on top of moped and chopper repairs i have to pay for the mechanics on my truck. i told them what i thought was wrong, they spent three days then did what i said and OMG... it worked. I RACE MOTOCROSS, HAVE LEARNED THIS STUFF! then hauling it to the shop i had a trailer on it and on the way back i had a truck pulling my truck pulling my with my dirtbike on top, and my stepdad complains i was driving fast. HOW IN FUCKS SAKE DO YOU DRIVE FAST IN THAT STRESS!!!

Even better i borrowed his jeep while my truck was out. well on the last day on the way to pickup my truck (ha pickuptruck) i see someone coming up fast. (on a bike i always watch when i'm stopped becouse getting rear ended on those sucks, so i naturally am watching out.) so i slam the gas and let out on the clutch to avoid getting hit. good right. well there was this odd sound wich after a bit of loking i shrugged off. then after 100ft "boom" the thing pops and agian. the problem is a broke axle. well the acident would have been coverd by insurance, but what i did wasn't. well now i have to buy one of those but my stepdad informed me that i am redoing the whole rear end by myself. This is awfull. Oh, and i have no money. good news though is i will start full days in the summer wich means $400 a weak.

speaking of work they are branching me out now. I am changing tires. (these things wheigh as much as me.) and working on some machines. today that sucked. it was hot as hell today, i was on my back on a tractor track coverd in mud and hydrolic fluid digging for some broke line that was broke. after finding it we discoverd that the whole cabin had to be taken apart. WTF why would you build something like that?
mood: busy
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what does that noise say about you  
04:16pm 08/05/2010
well yes my bike is loud but only becouse i'm on the throttle more than most people not becouse i have a small penis like this guy
mood: crazycrazy
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Panama City Fl  
08:32pm 03/05/2010
ok thunder beach bike rally... bikes,beer,and breasts just about covers it. this rally was a little to much about the booze and boobs rather than bikes. tons of topless chicks walking around. I was going to ride my bike but it only has a 650cc engine and they where planing on rolling so i rode my stepdads saxon chopper. a nice pic:
well we where flying down there. the night we got down there we stopped at a bar and as soon as i roll up this drunk guy grabs my arm and says "that guy behind you better not do a burnout or we will kick all of you're asses" i say "i don't even no them!"
"he told me to ask you, about how sick his stunts where"
"well i don't have any crotch rocket riding friends. I ride motocross and i garuntee his stunts can't be sicker than mine"
"i'd be carefull if i was you"
THE FUCK? What's going on. so i pull foward about 10 feet when a gaurd walks up.
"nice try but no cigar"
"what are you talking about?"
"If you comeback you're going to jail."
"dude this is my first time here!"
"shut the fuck up and get out!"
"Fine you assholes!"
*enter stepdad*
"sir, whats going on"
"just becouse this guy put on a helmet and swapped bikes dosn't mean he can come back."
"Donny take off you're helmet."
*takes off helmet*
Guy: "oh' i'm so sorry i thought you where hiding you're face with that helmet.

see theres no helmet laws there. i'm still going to wear one. I ended up buying a protective jacket and saw my first topless drunk biker girl of the weekend.
I finally went to sleep at 4am

well i woke up at 8:00am and grabbed a red-bull, went ridding till about lunch. when it started raining. i went to the hotels arcade and played a crotchrocket racing game agianst some bike gang. with about 8 "in memory of..." patches. it apears they might have been an GTA Lost and danmed type gang. either way we had fun. that night it cleared up so i went riding agian for about an hour. then it started to sprinkle. so i headed back when i got stuck in a downpoor i kept riding back to the hotel *my stepdad was hanging out with the december playboy covergirl at shuckems oyster bar.* well i just laughed with other riders in the rain. well i was worried about the bikes intake position. sticking out the side instead of under the seat. sure enough i hit a puddle of water and it sucked it.
end of story.

saturday: i drained evrything on that bike! I redid the timers and this one guy helped from 10am to 6pm! well after talking to some boys from dyno. *they do nascar car tuning and alot of motocross tuning* told us that it was a bent valve. But, of course! the engine went from hot to cold in seconds! Danmit, i had to rent a moped... top speed 40mph.
well atleast i had a ride.

sunday: we load up my bike in a freinds trailer and i got to take my moped back. when they got mad becouse of some scratches. now first off me my jacket and my helmet showed no sighns of an acident. That and im a motocross racer if i crashed it i must have done something real stupid and if that was the case then i would at least have a bruise!. either way i had to pay them $200 for damages.

theres alot more like a dunmass in a sports car who while showing out flew into a sand pit and got stuck. WOW.
mood: calmcalm
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oh wow.  
09:28pm 02/05/2010
i just got back form my first motorcycle rall. i dont have much time to explai but heres a hint as to what happend. details in later post.1 i borowed a chopper. 2 nearly got in a fight and kicked out of a bar becouse of mistaken identity. 3 broke the chopper. 4 saw lots of epic bikes. 5 saw lots of epic crashes. made a bet about tatoos. 6 lst a bet about tatoos. 7 have to get tatoo. rented a moped. 8 saw alot of painted on bikini tops. 9 saw alot of she who lacks bikini top. 10 got hugged by fandom drunk women. 11 tried to tell moped store i did not crash the moped. 12 paid damages for moped i did not crash. and thats just pieces of it. by the way what tatoo should i get... if none then i get tazzerd. fuck!!!
mood: amusedamused
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03:51pm 25/04/2010
well i got my bike back from the shop after a month. Realy, a month to change a tire and a tail light! i could do that myself but i thought they could do it quicker and better.
I am happy to have it back though.

well, shit! the big blue sexy jeep is out for now. a bad wire coused an eletric fire wich did a bit of damage. It should be back up in a while.

so if i get an rc car i want two covers one that 's black and red with my racing number on it, and a furry one of some sort. that would be amazing to have.
mood: energeticenergetic
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you've prbaly seen this but if not.  
05:45pm 18/04/2010
it's called nitro circus, they use bikes monster trucks everything and puul some sick stuff. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khWBDCPc4ow
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more cars  
09:15pm 15/04/2010
so i am getting an rc car. probally an eletric for starting. now there are 2 i have to choose from. one: this one does 45mph has 4 wheel drive beefy suspension top heavy and is heavy (pure offroad) two: this one does 70 is lighter but has weaker suspesion but is lower to the ground. this ones major fault is its 2 wheel drive. all that power on just the rear end means wheelies wich makes it imposible to turn. or control (street and dirt but mostly street) btw 60 mph on one of these is the same as 200mph in a real car as far as ratio goes.
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