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i have never been more scared  
08:24pm 05/06/2010
I was riding my street bike at a nice slow steady speed enjoying the sights and smells when, this mid sized dog on the side of the road saw me. i don't know why but dogs love to try and kill motorcycles. well he got out in front of me so i went off to the side and hit my brakes. the brakes locked up and the bike went down so i dove off. i rolled across the ground like a ragdoll and durring this i saw my perfectly good bike i never treated right spin in a circle on it's side onto the pavement. i am alright barely scratched thanks to my hemlet and protective jacket. the bike it beat up but still rideable (barely). I didn't see the dog after the crash though but i do belivve i missed it.
mood: gratefulgrateful
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  June 5th, 2010
June 5th, 2010
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