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Freinds only  
06:55pm 14/06/2010
WOW I suck at microsoft paint.

mood: dorky
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shooting at police with airsoft guns is bad.  
11:49pm 13/06/2010
So me and my freinds where playing airsoft (wich it's not) at hickory dickoy park at night. when i here a freind say something about getting a flashlight. So after a few minutes i see someone with a flash light.
"how stupid that makes for a big target"
Freind: "whos that"
flashlight dude: "police"

and i almost shot him... oops.
they just told us that it was closed and asked us to leave.
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Writer's Block: Carpe Diem  
06:17pm 11/06/2010
How often do you think about, and plan for, the future? Do you think it ever interferes with your ability to live in the moment?
I don't see much in the future. After HOw i never put sunscreen when i was little i'm probally going to get some skin problem. I am also a motorcycle nut. I ahve crashed my streetbike 2 and my dirtbike countless times. Not becouse i suck but i push hat i can do. But you know what it beats Dieing in a nursing home,unable to do anything,to suffer from boredom.
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so now it's a bomb?  
12:05pm 09/06/2010
my bike is a bomb after the acident i had a carb. problem. leaking large amounts of gas randomly. well i then had and eletric problem i didn't know about wich was sparking. i f i hadn't learned this i could have been in bad shape.
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ha old race video (first race p.o.s. bike)  
07:12pm 07/06/2010
ha I smoked everybody (cheezy pun)

mood: crazycrazy
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i have never been more scared  
08:24pm 05/06/2010
I was riding my street bike at a nice slow steady speed enjoying the sights and smells when, this mid sized dog on the side of the road saw me. i don't know why but dogs love to try and kill motorcycles. well he got out in front of me so i went off to the side and hit my brakes. the brakes locked up and the bike went down so i dove off. i rolled across the ground like a ragdoll and durring this i saw my perfectly good bike i never treated right spin in a circle on it's side onto the pavement. i am alright barely scratched thanks to my hemlet and protective jacket. the bike it beat up but still rideable (barely). I didn't see the dog after the crash though but i do belivve i missed it.
mood: gratefulgrateful
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new nickname/ on the job injury.  
01:53pm 03/06/2010
MY ne nickname is crash so it started when i dropped my streetbike in a corner the other day beaking off a few things. then after a few more mistakes, including hitting my head on a dumptruck at work cutting it wide open. It didn't hurt. i turned pale and got dizzy from the blood loss. Good thing a certified medic works there. they made me sit for a while i eventually decided to go to lunch but they didn't want me to ride my street bike oh, well. soon i'll be headed back and hopefull be ok. If not there sending me to the doctor. Worst of all my helmets got blood in it. OOOHHH YEAH, i almost got hit on the way to the library when somebody didn't see me (motorcycles don't get noticed alot)
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(no subject)  
12:07pm 01/06/2010
Well i'm looking for a new place to stay. I used to live with my parents until me and my stepdad got in a fight. Not and argument but a fist fight. My parents got ahold of my truck wich i'm paying $440 a month, and the danm things got me $1000 in debt. Now i'm out of the house. I do have a stable source of income ($400 a week-fulltime) a street motorcycle to drive and a dirtbike wich i can sell as a last resort. does anyone know of any cheap apartments or anything like that?
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bad day  
02:18pm 29/05/2010
So me and some freinds were supose to go camping. well when we went to set up we took a minibike for my freind to learn on. well i kept telling him to shift up. of course he didn't listen and he locked up the engine. this fucking sucks.
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I saw this a mile away (pet loss)  
08:39pm 25/05/2010
well i will start this off by mentioning i have a crazy jackrussel that has survived some crazy shit. He is very defensive of "his land". well my mom chained him up along with our lab and put the cat inside. She put the chickens and ducks outside in a pin. A minute after she went inside she looked out to see the jack russel killing the chickens and ducks. not eating them just killing them becouse he could.
mood: blahblah
music: the quemists- lost weekend
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